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26 Jun 2011

Arken Museum of Modern Art

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is a monumental landmark surrounded by a man-made beach scape just south of Copenhagen. The museum showcases one of Scandinavia’s finest collections of contemporary art, and the maritime-inspired architecture has gained the museum international renown.

One of Denmark’s newest contemporary art museums, the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art was inaugurated in 1996. Prior to this, years had been spent to ensure that this coastal location in Ishøj just south of Copenhagen would become a significant player in Danish cultural life. The young architecture student, Søren Robert Lund, surprised the establishment by winning the design competition with a Deconstructivist museum, which resembled a giant beached ship.

ARKEN is a nationally recognised museum. By collecting, registering, storing, researching and communicating in the world of modern art, ARKEN’s goal is to safeguard Denmark’s cultural heritage. The museum aims to spread knowledge of and highlight conditions and changes in modern art. ARKEN is a local, regional and international art museum. ARKEN is suitable for all ages, with particular focus on communicating with children and young people. ARKEN works positively and reciprocally with other art museums, both locally and internationally.

ARKEN is constantly strengthening its collection and exhibiting new works. The collection is made available for research. In years to come, the museum will strengthen the way it communicates results from both the museum’s own research and other research based on the museum’s collection.