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19 Mar 2012

China's contemporary literary scene


Julia Lovell presents two new magazines showcasing contemporary Chinese writing in English translation: Pathlight and Peregrine, an English-language supplement within Chutzpah, a Chinese literary journal, in an excellent informative article.

'The key to China' was published in Prospect magazine in the UK and gives a succinct overview of developments in writing and publishing in China. Two new magazines have recently come on the scene which can help Anglophone readers understand current trends and identify upcoming authors.To grasp the new spirit of this country, read this fresh, contrarian short fiction.

Julia Lovell is a lecturer in modern Chinese history and literature at the University of London and the author of “The Opium War”. In the article, she points out that overwhelmed Anglophone readers should "welcome the recent launch of two magazines showcasing contemporary Chinese writing in English translation".
Image: “Hiding in the City No. 83” (2009) by artist Liu Bolin. He uses surrealism to reflect and criticise modern China, in a manner similar to the new generation of fiction writers. In these photos, Bolin “camouflages” himself, with the help of an assistant who paints him into the backdrop.