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21 Feb 2014 - 22 Jun 2014

Canberra | Garden of the East | exhibition

gardenofeast The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra presents 'Garden of the East', an exhibition of photography in Indonesia from the 1850s-1940s. The exhibition runs 21 February - 22 June 2014. The exhibition includes works by Woodbury & Page, an entrepreurial photographic studio who travelled in Indonesia from the 1850s.  The firm’s distinctive rich-toned, detailed prints survive today as the major archive of Jakarta and nineteenth-century colonial Indonesia. Works by  the Woodbury brothers and their successors will feature prominently in the National Gallery’s exhibition Garden of the East: photography in Indonesia 1850s–1940s. Image: Thilly Weissenborn | 'Balineesch dansmeisj in rust' (A dancing-girl of Bali, resting) | c 1925 | National Gallery of Australia, Canberra | purchased 2007