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07 Nov 2012 - 03 Dec 2012

Brisbane | photography from Bangladesh | exhibitions


Brisbane Powerhouse in Australia presents two exhibitions of photography from Bangladesh: 1971 documentary works  from Drik Agency Archive and contemporary works by Shahidul Alam. Exhibitions run till 3 December.

Drik, UQ’s Centre of Communication and Social Change, School of Journalism and Communication, Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA) and Brisbane Powerhouse present: Shahidul Alam: Crossfire (7 Nov - 3 Dec 2012) Photographer, journalist, and human rights activist Shahidul Alam examines the issue of the increasing number of extra-judicial killings in Bangladesh. In 2004 the Bangladesh government created a new armed enforcement agency, The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), in response to a perceived law and order crisis. From early days RAB became notorious for the number of people that have been killed, allegedly during gun battles, because they’ve been caught in the ‘crossfire’. Shahidul Alam’s Crossfire project was first shown in Bangladesh in 2010 to draw attention to these killings. The government responded by shutting down the show. Eventually, facing a court ruling in favor of Alam, the government backed down and the show was reopened for a day. Following a successful showing at the Queens Museum of Art New York in April, 2012, this exhibition marks the first time it will be shown in Australia. Bangladesh 1971 From The Drik Agency Archive (7 Nov - 3 Dec 2012) This documentary photographic exhibition presents historical photographic overview of the Bangladesh war of independence in 1971.  The Bangladesh war of independence was one of the bloodiest conflicts in living memory. An incredible list of talented and deeply dedicated photographers from all across the globe responded to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of recent times. This included several Bangladeshi photographers; some professional, some amateur. Unlike their western counterparts, these photographers worked on their own, taking huge risks as they were themselves amongst the persecuted. Their documents are an indictment of those who caused the pain and the ones who let it happen. They are a tribute to those who fought valiantly. Shown for the first time in Australia, this unique archival collection embodies the pride of Bangladesh’s struggle for independence, the pain of loss, the humiliation of being violated and the joy of victory. Image: Paddy Field. © Shahidul Alam/Drik/Majority World