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15 Jul 2019

Bangladesh | URONTO Residential Art Exchange - apply now

URONTO Artist Community in Bangladesh call for applications for its 8th and 9th Episode of Residential art Exchange program. This year there will be two Episodes, each lasting 10 days over November/early December period. The location is a 200 years old massive Jaminder Palace at the Naogaon District of Rajshahi Division in Bangladesh with a fascinating area around it.

Application deadline: 15 July 2019

Where is the past in your future ?

Keeping the question open ended for all, URONTO invites artist and creative collaborators across all disciplines to explore a self-directed Residential-Art-Exchange program for 10 days, responding to the diverse ruins of Dubolhati Palace in Naogaon district in Bangladesh. Participants can unplug from modern hectic routines and explore the mysterious charms of this massive Palace standing on its last leg.

Applications are warmly invited with a proposal to create a body of work in response to any direct or abstract narratives, myths and geography of the palace. The palace is a massive area providing enormous possibilities to work within. The attractive structure is barely standing strong with a beautiful environment and land area around it. Participants are highly encouraged to bring out the best, working with natural founding material or local available materials without doing any harm to the structure. An alternative documentation of the space and story-telling through interactive aesthetical expressions are expected and collaboration between artists and local people are highly recommended.

URONTO is an Artist-Led Open Collective in Bangladesh, founded in 2012, in order to enforce a new organic platform for creative practitioners and researchers from all possible disciplines to collaborate and enhance their transdisciplinary works to inspiring the local and Global community. At the same time upholding their Artistic responsibilities toward the Society.

“URONTO is committed to building space free of Gender, Religion and Caste discrimination”.

For all the detail about the call and the project site please click the download link bellow.

Download Open Call of 8th and 9th Episode here

Participants of any discipline are invited, like: Painter, Photographer, Graphic designer, Fashion designer, Writer, Curator, Theorist, Historian, Blogger, Animator, Graffiti artist, Architect, Food Artist, Film Maker, Land Artist, Art Educator, Crafts man, Musician, Performance artist, Poet, Printmaker, Researcher, Sound Artist/designer, Theater performer, Dancer, Singer, Engineer, mimic artists, archeologist, researcher and any dedicated and productive creative practitioner from any corner of the world.

This year there will be two Episodes of URONTO Residential Art Exchange program back to back at the same location. This is designed to explore how different groups of participants reacts to the same place with different situation in different time period.

8th Episode: Venue: Dubolhati Palace, Naogaon, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh.

Date: 15-27 Nov 2019

Reporting Date: 15 Nov 2019, (at Dubolhati Palace, Naogaon. )

Working dates: 16-25 Nov 2019

Open studio day: 26-27 Nov 2019

9th Episode: Venue: Dubolhati Palace, Naogaon, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh.

Date: 27 Nov – 08 Dec 2019

Reporting Date: 26/27 2019, (at Dubolhati Palace, Naogaon.)

Working dates: 28 Nov – 06 Dec 2019

Open studio day: 7-8 Dec 2019

The project take place in rustic landscapes in old abandoned houses or camp out in rural communities and mostly to any soon-to-be dumped or finished place in natural atmosphere. The exchange program is truly a refreshing time for the participants to make themselves free from regular hectic life and dive into the beauty of nature. But we must include that nature is beautiful and refreshing but not luxurious so all participants should have a clear understanding of that. Expectations of luxurious living will end up with disappointment and people habituated with luxury are barely encouraged in this program.

Successful applicants are responsible for the cost of their own transport.