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25 Oct 2018

Drik Bangladesh

Drik Picture Library, Bangladesh is an independent media organisation that was established in 1989. Its major areas of expertise are advocacy and awareness campaigns, production of communication materials and training

Drik (the Sanskrit word for vision) Picture Library Limited was founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh by a small group of people who wanted to give photographers in developing countries a platform on which they could display their own images of the world they lived in. Drik’s mission is to collect, sell and distribute high-quality images of the developing world by the developing world.

Drik, Bangladesh is today an award winning organisation that has made excellence in client services along with challenging social inequality, its twin objectives. As an independent media organisation it has balanced its social goals with a high level of professionalism, ensuring high quality of services at competitive terms, a balance it has maintained over its near 30 year history.

Set up on principles of social equality, it uses media to highlight issues relating to human rights, democracy and governance. Drik has trained working class children, women, physically challenged people and people of minority groups. Drik finds creative expressions for highlighting discrimination and stigma, by mainstreaming subjects. 

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