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22 Mar 2023 - 26 Mar 2023

culture360 Media Partnership | Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting 2023 is delighted to be the media partner of the Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting 2023 (BIPAM), a performing arts platform bringing together artists, producers, curators and art academics from Southeast Asia and connecting the region to the performing arts communities around the world. Registrations are now open for BIPAM, to be held in Bangkok from 22 to 26 March 2023. 

The aftermath of the pandemic has left lingering effects on people’s way of life and the way they think. BIPAM 2023's theme of “Uncommon Ground” thus aims to bring people back together, to hear the familiar sounds, to share the same conversations, and to raise one question in particular: Do we still feel the same?

BIPAM has a variety of programmes including performances, talk sessions, workshops, and networking, with performances from the region and talks that provide insight into the local and regional performing arts sector. In addition, there are 3 new activities: 

  • BIPAM Tables: for people who would like to open a discussion on topics of their interest
  • BIPAM Routes: where participants will be taken on a journey to sites in Bangkok as seen by the artists and creative activists
  • BIPAM Explorer: a learning space for current students interested in contemporary arts to go on an in-depth exploration of all the festival's content

This year ticket plans are divided into Regional Participants and Overseas Participants.

Full programme details 

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