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09 Dec 2014 - 14 Dec 2014

Asia at ICE HOT Nordic dance platform, Oslo

icehot ICE HOT – NORDIC DANCE PLATFORM is a collaboration project between all five Nordic countries in Oslo 9-14 December. The Nordic dance showcase includes collaborative productions between Norwegian choreographer Heine Avdal and Japanese choreographer Yukiko Shinozaki and a Swedish-Japanese dance installation created by artist Hiroaki Umeda for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. On the  seminar/discussion programme, there is a session on connecting Australia with the Nordics as well as other contributions from speakers from Asia. GöteborgOperaen3foto-Thomas-Aurin-934x696 The intense dance installation Interfacial Scale of Tokyo-based artist Hiroaki Umeda explores how you can break down the choreographic border of dance – and the interface between dance and the unknown on the other side of the border. Inspired by tacit knowledge and swarm behavior, he choreographs for both each dancer individually and a collective. As well as being a choreographer and dancer, Umeda is also a photographer and video artist. In 2000, he established his own company, S20. Interfacial Scale is created exclusively for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. Performance: 11 December, 21.30 WITH As if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember, the Norwegian choreographer Heine Avdal and the Japanese choreographer Yukiko Shinozaki are creating a new production for larger stages. Performance: 10 December, 19h TheSeventhFloorofthe-World-New-934x696 In The seventh floor of the world choreographers Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki and multimedia artist Sachiyo Takahashi are after several productions for adults now excited to be exploring for the first time performance work for children. Performance: December 13, 12h ICE HOT has a programme of Discussions, Debates & Seminars 10 - 13 December. This includes a session on Australia-Nordic dance collaboration: FRI 12 DEC | 10:30 | OSLO NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE ART Connecting Australia with the Nordics Australia seems like a geographically distant continent, but the similar values and quality in arts with the Nordic countries are evident. This info cell will introduce the presenting and producing climate in Australian performing arts. It will also outline the existing collaborations between Australia and Nordic countries. Special focus is given to Australia-Finland Dance Exchange, which is a long-term collaboration project between Australian and Finnish dance and performing arts organizations. Moderators: Sophie Travers (Australia Council for the Arts) and Pirjetta Mulari (Dance Info Finland) Featuring: Maija Hirvanen and Jane McKernan; artists, Angharad Wynne- Jones, Arts House Melbourne, Jeff Khan, Performance Space and Karilyn Brown, Performing Lines