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02 Jul 2013 - 13 Jul 2013

Amsterdam | Julidans Summer Festival for International Dance

julidansJulidans presents daring, cutting edge and leading dance performances from around the world at the Summer Festival for International Dance in Amsterdam. This edition, the Grand Masters and Enfants Terribles of modern dance will gather to tell you their personal stories.  2013 festival welcomes performances from China, Bangladesh, Europe and other parts of the world. From China, Tao Ye / TAO Dance Theater presents 4 and 5 on 3 July Choreographer Tao Ye blows away the cobwebs of the otherwise conservative Chinese dance scene with works that are daring and radical. His Asian background shines through in sharp patterns, a sharp eye for detail, and the ritual, nearly hypnotic excecution. In 4, four women seem to be propelled by a magnetic wave that sometimes pulls them apart, and then seems to push them together again, without them ever touching. In 5 (a world premiere!) the dancers do engage in physical contact, so much so that moving like indistinguishable mass, they do not disperse, even for a moment. From the UK/Bangladesh, Akram Khan Company presents iTMOi (in the mind of Igor)  on 12 July.