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08 Feb 2019 - 12 Feb 2019

Ambiente 2019 - partner country India


In Frankfurt 8-12 February 2019, Ambiente is a major design and consumer goods market event. This year’s partner country at Ambiente is India. Discover the special presentation “Hand Make in India” in Frankfurt.

Discover India anew – at Ambiente 2019. This year’s partner country provides a lively mix of many facets, traditions, creative visions, talents – and a fascinating presence.

In Galleria 1, Hand Make presentation by Ayush Kasliwal combines traditional production methods with contemporary aesthetics and redefines the concept of handmade manufacturing. In this gallery setting, you can expect to encounter unique objects – from traditional originals to products that reflect  the latest aesthetic standards. They all have one thing in common: they’re hand-made. These objects provide an insight into established and up-and-coming Indian craft entrepreneurs, their products and techniques. “‘Handmade’ is one of India’s major strengths”, according to Ayush Kasliwal, who curated and designed this special presentation.

‘Many of the craft ecosystems in India still exist, they have avoided being swallowed up entirely by industrial mass production. This is a great opportunity for the country.’    Ayush Kasliwal

Sandeep Sangaru’s “Starry Night Café” (Hall 4) gathers bamboo furniture under a starry sky, inspired by rural life in India’s north-eastern states. It’s night time, and the area is bathed in deep blue. Woven bamboo light fittings make a canopy overhead that looks like the branches of a tree where people relax at a typical village meeting place.

In ideal conditions, bamboo can grow over a metre a day, so it’s certainly renewable. But bamboo is not just sustainable, it’s also particularly versatile. Many people in India use it for bridge building, houses, baskets or to shelter from the rain. Sandeep Sangaru uses bamboo to make avant-garde furniture. This showcases the material in a completely new way, from production techniques through to coatings. The benches and tables at the “Starry Night Café” are from Sangaru’s collection.