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07 Oct 2012 - 10 Oct 2012

Kaivalam World Crafts Council | International Craft Summit

The World Crafts Council is organising a major World Craft Summit 'Kaivalam' alongside the 17th General Assembly of the World Crafts Council to be held in Chennai from 7th to 10th October 2012. Exhibitions, seminars and networking. Registration open. The hope and vision of the Summit is of a global community in which the wellbeing of artisans and their wisdom is respected and nurtured as essential for the future wellbeing of mankind. WCC is organizing the following events so that members from all the five regions of WCC convene and exchange ideas. 1) A Seminar on a theme of contemporary relevance to the crafts world -“The Future is Handmade”. The sessions will be on:
  • Craft as important for livelihoods
  • Global challenges and opportunities for crafts
  • Craft as a cultural and knowledge system
  • Recognition of the craft system
  • GI and IPR challenges
  • Case studies
2) 'Living Legends - Meeting of Great Masters', - an exhibition/workshop showcasing crafts of International Master Crafts persons from across the globe alongside Master crafts persons from India. It is a one of a kind event where International Master Crafts Persons will have an opportunity to share their skill, their work, their competencies, their life and their vision for the future of crafts with Indian Master Crafts Persons. 3) An International Craft Expo where about 40 artisans from different countries of the World Crafts Council and others will showcase and sell their high quality crafts. Some of these crafts have received the UNESCO Award of Excellence. This programme is restricted for International exhibitors only. Exhibitors may please register their participation by clicking the link available on home page. 4) An International Craft Film Contest, a competition open to students of colleges and universities from all over the world. Entries will be 8 – 10 minutes long, on craft based topics. The contest is an innovative approach to spread awareness among students about craft and create an archive of traditional craft films. The winning entries will be screened at International Film festivals. The best three films will receive a citation and a cash award of USD 10000, 5000 and 3000 (INR equivalent) respectively. To participate please click this link 5) Crafts Bazaar: The Crafts Bazaar 2012, is a grand exposition showcasing the finest of crafts from across India at the Valluvar Kottam Hall, Chennai. With over a 150 artisans from across India, the Crafts Council of India’s Crafts Bazaar is a grand celebration of our country’s rich heritage of arts and crafts. Behind each handcrafted piece is a body of artistic knowledge that has been kept alive by generations of artisans. These indigenous art forms provide livelihood for millions of rural Indians, empower women, youth and whole communities. The craft products embody our rich cultural traditions, creativity, aesthetics and our varied geographical diversity. Visitors have a great opportunity to interact with artisans, learn about their craft forms & techniques and purchase the best handmade, environmental friendly craft. Vastra – the textile show: Out of a million strands of tradition, legends and myths – from the substance of the everyday life of a community and out of nature’s own rich storehouse was woven a creative and forceful textile art. Vastra will showcase these creative textiles using different techniques of dye painting, resist dyeing, printing, tie-dyeing, weaving and embroidery. It will attempt to show the contemporary relevance of India’s rich and traditional textiles. On sale will be scarves, stoles, running material and some designer wear. 6) A retail space and workshop for Jewellery and Accessories. 7) Prominent Art Galleries in Chennai are participating and will be showcasing  interesting crafts and hosting craft events for a fortnight.