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28 Sep 2021 - 14 Oct 2021

ADESTE+ Summer School 2021

The ADESTE+ Summer School 2021 takes place online 28-30 September, 7-8 and 14 October. The focus is on the Audience Centred Experienced Design ACED model developed through a European cooperation project.

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ADESTE + is a large-scale European cooperation project aimed at expanding cultural participation. 15 partners in 11 cities of 7 European countries will work together for 4 years to bring the public to the center of cultural organizations: among the partners, many theaters, but also museums and multidisciplinary production centers.

Adeste+ has developed the Audience Centered Experienced Design (ACED), to help cultural organizations. In this webinar we are going to study the process, case presentations and relevant questions. ACED, as a process, is Designed to be Centered on Audiences’ Experiences. It strives to reach the real people behind the hard data, replacing abstract data points with a tangible connection to real human beings.

Increasing cultural participation is a crucial challenge for an inclusive and open European society.

Growing audiences depends on the ability of a cultural organisation to place the audience at the centre of its philosophy and practice

Adeste+ is working to think about how improve people’s life though culture.