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03 Jun 2015 - 03 Jun 2015

Curating Batik | workshops on Batik collections in Asia and Europe

curating batik poster_revised1 Curating Batik involves the exchange of batik collections between museums in Asia and Europe towards an exhibition in 2017. This year, curators from Austria, Indonesia, Czech Republic and Switzerland will meet for a series of workshops to exchange ideas and visit batik collections in preparation for this exhibition. The first part of the programme will be held in June 2015 in Jakarta (Indonesia), while the second part will take place in September 2015 in the form of curator residency and research work in Prague (Czech Republic), Basel (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). The first Curating Batik workshop will take place on 3 June 2015 at Museum Tekstil Jakarta. Mr Benny GRATHA, Assistant Curator Museum Tekstil Jakarta (Indonesia), Dr Jani KUHNT-SAPTODEWO, Curator of Insular South-east Asia, Weltmuseum Wien (Austria) and Mr Richard KUNZ, Curator of South-east Asia, Museum der Kulturen Basel (Switzerland) will present the history of Batik collection from their respective museums. The programme will include a tour through the museum in Jakarta, an exhibition on Indonesian textiles, the Batik Gallery, an exhibition of traditional looms as well as a conservation room and a storage room. The project partners include Weltmuseum Wien (Austria), Museum Tekstil Jakarta (Indonesia) and National Museum - Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures(Czech Republic) and Museum der Kulturen Basel (Switzerland). Curating Batik project has been selected through the 2nd edition of ASEF Creative Networks. These 4 museums are also members of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS), a network of Asian and European museums supported by ASEF since the year 2000.   curating batik poster_revised