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02 Mar 2012

World Jewellery Museum, Korea

World Jewellery Museum, Korea    World Jewellery Museum, Korea World Jewellery Museum, in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 2004 by a diplomat’s wife, whose jewellery collection embodies 40 years of travelling around the world. It is one of the world’s first museums entirely devoted to jewellery. The museum also stands out as it houses international, historical and ethnically diverse pieces. It is situated in the heart of the North Village in Seoul where history and culture pulse with daily rhythms of contemporary life. Visitors can explore 5,000 pieces of traditional jewellery from Africa, Asia, Europe, Pacific, Americas and the Pre-Columbian gold artefacts that are presented in nine exhibition galleries such as, ‘The Forest of Art Deco’, ‘The Garden of Jewels’, and ‘El Dorado’. The museum has earned its reputation as the jewel of Seoul with its innovative approach to installation design. The fundamental mission of the museum is to preserve, collect and exhibit traditional and contemporary jewelleries to promote and exchange a deeper understanding of the diverse cultural movements around the world. The museum’s collection is in a broad context taking the current art and design movement into account. The museum strives to present exhibitions that explore the diverse cultural identities in the present time. The museum continues to embrace traditional and contemporary jewelleries, and explore where eye-opening discoveries are made through temporary exhibitions with themes ranging from ancient ornaments to contemporary jewellery. Exhibitions on international jewellery are organised throughout the year for the Korean public, artists and specialists. The museum also works to raise the awareness of Korea’s rapidly evolving design scene to the international community by organising overseas exhibitions on Korean design.  
The museum’s 5000 pieces are an embodiment of Director Lee Kang-won’s philosophy of life. Director Lee has always looked far beyond cultural differences and firmly believed that creativity is the oasis for communication and exchange among other cultures. The value of ASEMUS coincides with the World Jewellery Museum that strives to promote mutual understanding and collaboration through the use of museum’s collections and programs.
  Collection size:  5,000 items Collection: Pre-Columbian gold jewellery; amber jewellery; silver Ethiopian Coptic crosses; European Art Deco jewellery; traditional masks from Africa and Asia; wedding jewellery from Africa, Middle East, and Asia; 18th and 19th century European costumes; 20th century furniture.