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22 Dec 2022

World Crafts Council Europe

The World Crafts Council Europe (WCC-Europe) is a non-profit membership organisation set up to promote an international interest in crafts and encourage contact between the craftspeople of different countries.

They promote the design-led crafts and applied arts in Europe

  • Encourage the membership to promote WCC-Europe at key exhibitions, conferences and trade related events
  • Utilise the WCC-Europe website as a resource for promotion and for critical writing about craft across Europe
  • Work with members to develop the "Craft Cities" and "European Artistic Craft Days" initiative
  • Analyse and highlight critical challenges facing craft in Europe
  • Play an active role in the WCC International, profiling European craft in WCC International activities

Membership of WCC-Europe is open to organisations within Europe that have a mandate to advocate for and develop craft. There are 4 membership types; National, Regional, Professional and Affiliate.