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20 Aug 2013

Visions du Réel

As an internationally renowned Festival and the largest Swiss documentary film festival, screening almost 200 films, the majority of which are world or international premières, Visions du Réel aims to be exploratory above all else. By exploring global creativity in film, it seeks out new artistic trends and today’s social and human issues.

It is this exploration, this phase of research and discovery, that allows the best current works of documentary filmmaking to be selected and made available to the audience. This role as a purveyor, as an intermediary, is essential if a film is to find its audience. Visions du Réel intends to continue to fulfil this mission as a purveyor, a catalyst for reflection about oneself and others.

It also aims to continue to serve as the promoter of the films and directors that form its selection, be they international or Swiss productions. Visions du Réel is both an ideal base to nurture fresh talent and a venue for giving accolades to filmmakers who are already established.

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