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22 May 2011

Trans Europe Halles (TEH)

A Network For Support, Exchange And Co-Operation
Trans Europe Halles is a European based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists that brings together 58 multidisciplinary cultural centres and 17 associated organisations all around Europe. As a network, Trans Europe Halles provides a dynamic forum for ideas, experiences and exchange, supporting its members and their communities. Trans Europe Halles facilitates and encourages artistic collaborations throughout Europe.

Joint Activities And Network Meetings
Trans Europe Halles runs and coordinates several international projects with a strong focus on building and mobility of cultural workers. One of the main activities of the network are also the international meetings organised twice a year to gather all the members, invited guests and relevant stakeholders around a specific topic linked to independent culture. The network is active in influencing cultural policies on both European as well local levels through our vast membership.

Thirty Years Of Experience
The members of Trans Europe Halles have an unique experience and knowledge of how to transform abandoned industries into vibrant cultural hubs together with artists and the community. As a network, we have gathered and refined this experience and used it for building several successful professional development schemes for cultural operators. Our team members as well as active members of the network are often asked to speak at conferences, lead workshops or act as consultants for cultural capitals or city development projects.