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25 Oct 2018

British Council, Bangladesh

The British Council (Bangladesh) has been working in Dhaka since 1951. The institution has over 6,000 library members and are committed to delivering improved services to them. In September 2014, they opened a new Cultural Centre – a state of the art library in Dhaka with a new collection and extensive digital resources. The institution also runs English teaching centres, English language courses and examination operations in Bangladesh. 

The British Council (Bangladesh) works in partnership with a large number of public, private, non-profit and non-governmental organisations to deliver a portfolio of vibrant and impactful projects and are strongly committed to equal opportunity and diversity in all aspects of our work.

Our work focuses on four key areas – English, Education, Society and the Arts and we work with three main groups of people: 

  • society and community leaders who can bring about changes in social, educational and cultural policy to increase our global connections;
  • influencers including career professionals, the media, educators, artists, scientists and business leaders, who we partner with to help maximise the impact of their work and ours;
  • young people, either in education or just starting out in their careers, who are opinion formers through their own social networks and potentially the next generation of national influencers and leaders.


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