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28 Dec 2011

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, Lao PDR

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, Laos   Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, Laos
Recognising the dearth of accessible and accurate information on Lao PDR's ethnic diversity, the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC) was launched in July 2007 to promote understanding of Lao PDR's ethnic diversity and advocate for the survival and transmission of its cultural heritage.
It is the only independent non-profit museum and resource centre in Lao PDR dedicated to the collection, preservation, and interpretation of the traditional arts and lifestyles of the country’s ethnic groups. TAEC has won international recognition for its engaging and professional exhibitions, its community outreach, and livelihoods activities. TAEC recognises the responsibility it has to the communities and living cultures it represents, and prioritises linkages to and empowerment of source communities through its exhibitions. Currently, TAEC’s Museum Shop supports supplemental livelihoods for over 500 handicrafts producers and their families, primarily women, in 12 provinces of Lao PDR.


TAEC’s permanent collections include over 400 cultural artefacts from more than 30 of the ethnic groups of Lao PDR, including:
  • Costume/clothing
  • Accessories and jewellery
  • Handicraft tools
  • Equipment and household articles
  • Religious and ceremonial objects
The collections also include video, photos and reference materials.