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22 Jul 2013

Surface Asia magazine | Art-Design-Fashion-Architecture-Culture across Asia-Pacific



Surface Asia aims to be the definitive magazine for all categories of design across Asia-Pacific, bringing you the latest news and insights on the design industries of the region six times a year. Check out the latest issue and catch up with news via Facebook. Surface Asia covers ART / DESIGN / FASHION / ARCHITECTURE / CULTURE

Surface Asia casts the spotlight on the designers leading the trends and reshaping the creative landscape, and establishes a forum in which regional designers can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and collaborate on projects.

In the current issue, read 'Cut Out' about how Solo Kojima is reviving interest in the long-neglected Asian art of paper-cutting. Founded in 2005 by Shari Solo and Nahoko Kojima, Solo Kojima is an art and design consultancy firm that plies the art of paper-cutting and graphic design under one roof. The London-based company has made films, art installations, conducted paper-cutting workshops, initialized brand activations and been dedicated to raising awareness of the long-neglected art of paper-cutting in Europe. Self-taught Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima, who started dabbling with paper-cutting when she was just five years old, is one of five UK-based artists selected for the prestigious Jerwood Makers Open in 2013 (exhibition of works currently open till 25 August).

Another article in Surface Asia: 'Not Just For Show' looks at how China’s ongoing museum boom gives rise to striking cultural buildings designed with both art and nature in mind.