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25 Jun 2011

Studio of Young Artists Association (SYA)

The Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA) is a professional organisation, which has been functioning for more than 5 decades, always giving dynamic responses to current art and social issues. The Association has a membership of about 450 artists, art historians, and critics.

The objective of the SYAA is to facilitate the emergence and the work of its members in the cultural and artistic life. SYAA fosters the establishment of professional contacts, members’ presence in Hungarian and international exhibitions and residencies, and it provides them with information and organizational support. SYAA also helps Hungarian and foreign curators and artists to get in contact with the young Hungarian art scene and to build collaborations.

SYAA maintains relationships with Hungarian and foreign art organisations from Finland to Buenos Aires. The aim of SYAA's international projects is to contribute to the reputation of Hungarian art and to create possibilities of co-operation among the members of the international art world and the young generation of Hungarian artists.

Studio Gallery
The permanent exhibition space of the Studio of Young Artists Association is the Studio Gallery. Deriving from the gallery’s principle of operation, this place provides an opportunity for the ever-current new generation of the Association members, mainly the most talented ones, to organise their first individual exhibitions. Thus, it can be stated that artists, who are regarded as the elite of contemporary art today, once organised the first significant exhibition of their career in the Studio Gallery. The aim of the gallery is to always provide space for the most current, progressive projects. Simultaneously with the exhibitions, the gallery also provides space for events that make encounters possible between the wider public and the artists (artists’ lectures, video projections, round-table discussions, etc.).

The yearly program of the Studio Gallery is the Gallery by Night event, when for one week, each night a new different exhibition opens in the gallery. In the past years, besides the exhibitions of studio-members, we have endeavoured to increase the internationality of the program, and so we provide an opportunity of introduction in the gallery to guest-artists who have participated in one of the exchange programs of the SYAA.