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06 Sep 2010

Slovak Insitute in Rome

The Slovak Institute in Rome is responsible for cultural exchange between Italy and Slovakia.

The Slovak Institute in Rome is an institution founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic. As an organisational structure, it is an integral part of the General Directorate of Public Diplomacy and Services to Citizens - Cultural Diplomacy Sector. In accordance with the Agreement between the Slovak Republic and the Italian Republic, its goal is to represent Slovakia in Italy in the different fields of culture and art, regions and tourism.

Through exhibitions, literary and film evenings, concerts and various presentations, the Institute disseminates knowledge about Slovakia especially in the following areas:

  • history
  • literature
  • until
  • musica
  • cinema
  • playwriting
  • cultural heritage

The Slovak Institute takes care of contacts with the associations of compatriots in Italy (Turin, Milan, Naples) in order to keep alive the cultural relations of the Slovak community with the homeland. The Slovak library and film library are available to our visitors in the spaces of the Slovak Institute. A fundamental role of our activity is the collaboration with the Honorary Consulates of the Slovak Republic in Italy (Milan, Trieste, Turin, Florence, Forli, Naples and Malta).

The Slovak Institute in Rome is a member of the European Union of National Cultural Institutes.

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