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03 Jul 2011


Rockhal (2005) is a premiere concert location and a music resource centre.

Boasting three concert halls – the Main Hall that can accommodate an audience of up to 6500 and the Club that can hold 1200 and The Floor with a capacity up to 200 – the Rockhal, a complex managed by the public institution Centre de Musiques Amplifiées and co-financed by the Luxembourgish State, is Luxembourg's No 1 concert venue.

The Rockhal is also a Music & Resources Centre, comprising no fewer than six rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, a dance studio and a documentation centre. In short, a place where players of the Luxembourg music scene, professional and amateur alike, can interact and share their views on the local industry.

Rockhal Studio
The Rockhalstudio is situated in the heart of the Music & Resources centre and is the ideal recording studio for all kinds of musicians and producers. From a simple demo recording to a professional production, we can offer you a large variety of different modules to fit your needs. Whether you are an ambitious amateur or a professional musician / producer, here you can find the perfect infrastructure for your project. The Rockhalstudio is also directly linked with the Club of the Rockhal and can be used for high quality live recordings as well.

Rockhal is proud to be a founding member of Liveurope, the first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European music.

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