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06 Sep 2010

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (LMTA) is competitive and modern platform for education, science and art, annually providing meaningful experience to national and world culture. The Academy builds it‘s future on past achievements and precious traditions, constantly generating innovative ideas and adapting it to the needs of the community.

LMTA is the only major higher education institution in Lithuania which provides educational strands at three levels in:

  • Music: Art of Performance (Accordion, Chamber ensemble, Chamber vocal performance, Choral conducting, Lithuanian folk instruments, Harpsichord, Jazz (instrumental and vocal), Military orchestra conducting, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Piano accompaniment, Symphony orchestra conducting, String instruments, Vocal performance, Wind instruments), Composition (academic, applied, digital technologies), Sound Directing, Music Theory and Criticism, Musical Folklore

  • Theatre and Film: Acting, Acting (Choreography), Screenwriting, Cinematography, Film Directing, Theatre Directing, Theatre Studies

  • Art Studies: Art Management (Film management, Art management of performers)

  • Art History and Criticism: Musicology

  • Dance: Dance

  • Pedagogy: General Music Didactics, Music Pedagogy

LMTA actively cooperates in international arena of higher education institutions. Participating in various projects, student and staff exchanges, interactions with famous artists and scientists, as well as improving the education system, The Academy supports and encourages the change of experiences with foreign countries.

LMTA is committed to offer a variety of services to community:

  • artistic production events (concerts, theatre and dance performances, film screenings and various festivals),

  • non-formal education for children and adults (children music school, small theatre academy, lifelong learning, professional development and distant learning courses, open workshops, seminars and lectures),

  • community projects (clinica musicalis),

  • other cultural events (discussion club „Dialogue Factory“, cinema club Šoblės klubas, „Academy on the move“).

Every year the Academy hosts more than two hundred concerts, competitions, festivals and other events, that are free for public. Science, art and education actualities are presented at international conferences, the most significant achievements are presented in LMTA scientific journals.