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26 May 2011


Riksteatern is Sweden’s leading nationwide theatre, that performs all over the country as well as abroad.  It is a non-governmental organisation comprising non-profit theatre associations from all over Sweden. There is a Riksteater association in almost every municipality. Every year, Riksteatern takes around 60 plays on tour. Its goal is for every person living in Sweden to be able to see its performances.

Riksteatern is an idea based cultural organisation with over 40,000 dedicated members. Many of these members are active in one of Riksteatern’s local non-profit theatre associations, working to make drama, dance and performing arts available to all people, all over Sweden. Riksteatern is owned by it members. Members of a theatre association become part owner of one of the world’s largest theatres and share in enabling more people to enjoy the dramatic arts. Riksteatern, every year, reaches an audience of over one million people.