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02 Apr 2012

The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance is an international network that enables non-profits around the world to be stronger and more effective. They use global knowledge to meet local needs; helping non-profits find the money, the people and the skills they need to create the change they want to see.

The Resource Alliance is a UK registered charity, based in London. Its mission is to be the global network for fundraising, resource mobilisation and philanthropy.  It builds skills, knowledge and promotes excellence within civil society through international and regional conferences and workshops, including an annual regional fundraising skills building conference in Asia.

Their work includes conferences and workshops, training and education, capacity building and resources. Their network stretches all the way around the world. They work with our affiliate organisations in India and the USA; associates; trainers and partners to deliver our programmes. Fundraisers, non-profit leaders, academics and funders can also become part of the network through participating in its programmes.