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27 Aug 2013

Publishers Assocation New Zealand

Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) represents book, educational and digital publishers in New Zealand. The book publishing industry publishes over 2,000 New Zealand titles each year and turns over an estimated $330 million a year. Our members include both the largest international publishers and a vibrant independent publishing community.

An important part of the role of PANZ is to represent publishers’ interests to industry and government. The PANZ advocacy team is fully aware of the importance of informing the relevant government and industry bodies of what the key industry issues are and how we can work effectively together.

PANZ is supported in this by its strong support from the publishing industry. The Association hosts a diverse mix of general, literary and educational publishers. Its members range from small independent niche publishers to the large multinationals.

Translation Grants
Creative New Zealand supports the translation of New Zealand Literature into foreign languages with a Translation Grant Scheme that’s administered by the Publishers Association of New Zealand. These grants can contribute up to 50% of the translation cost to a maximum of NZ$5000 per title.

PANZ Book Design Awards
The PANZ Book Design Awards are run by the Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) to promote excellence in, and provide recognition for, the best book design in New Zealand.