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01 Jun 2011

Pamplona Film Festival

The Pamplona Film Festival was born from an university initiative in the year 2000, when a group of students decided to challenge the lack of recourses and to bank on the enrichment of the cultural panorama of the city of Pamplona . In the first two editions, there was only a competitive section -  Alternatif Section , aimed at national short films.

Since the third edition, the Festival began to welcome cinema professionals and, in this way, consolidated and defined its current format and philosophy. There are currently five sections in the festival:

  • Alternatif - Competitive section aimed at short films with Spanish production or direction.

  • International Alternatif - This exhibition is out of competition and showcases international short films.

  • Short Film from Navarre – Competitive section aimed to present short films (animation, fiction and documentary ) directed by people born in or residents of Navarre

  • Visual Value – screening of video documentaries with social theme.

  • Educatif – Focuses on cinematographic activities that could be of educational value for young people.