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04 Jul 2011

National Museum Volunteers Bangkok

The National Museum Volunteers (NMV) is a non-profit organisation, which has served the National Museum Bangkok since 1969.

Under the auspices of The Fine Arts Department, the NMV supports the National Museum Bangkok through a variety of educational and cultural activities. Members study the art, history and culture of Thailand and its neighbours and may train as museum guides.

NMV Members activities include:

  • excursions and study trips in and around Bangkok and throughout Thailand
  • study groups
  • guiding workshop and study programme
  • at homes
  • monthly lectures and an NMV lecture series on aspects of Thai history, religion or culture. These lectures are also open to the public.

One of the NMV’s important support roles is to provide English, French, German, and Japanese guides for foreign visitors to the museum.

The NMV has around 300 members with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds. The membership is Thai and international and represents over 30 nations. The group is organised by a volunteer Steering Committee chosen from among its members.

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