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03 Jul 2011

The Japan Foundation Art Gallery

In 1974 the Japan Foundation opened a liason office in Bangkok to assist its full implementation of cultural exchange between Thailand and Japan as well as to create networks with affiliated cultural organizations and individuals in Thailand in the name of the Japan Foundation, Bangkok or the Japan Cultural Center, Bangkok.

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok has three departments to provide respective partners with sufficient services.

  1. Arts and Culture Department

  2. Japanese Language Department

  3. Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Department

Arts and Culture Department:
to carry out a wide variety of activities as follows:

  • cultural activities

  • grant-giving

As an organizer of cultural events
The Arts and Culture Department carries out a variety of cultural activities to promote cultural-exchange and cultivate the cultural diversity in the region. It has initiated many events such as, art exhibitions, music concerts, stage performances, academic lectures, film showings including the programs entitled Japanese Film Festival, Japanese Culture Tour, Weekend Theater, and so on.

As a grant giving organization

  • The Japan Foundation Headquarters Grant Programs

  • Small Grant Programs

As an information center
The Japan Foundation, Bangkok is eager to provide practitioners and organizers of cultural exchange activities, and all those who are interested in such activities, with relevant information.

The Art Gallery is available for non-commercial exhibitions with an Asian focus,organised for the purpose of cultural exchange.

The Japan Foundation aspires to the role of catalyst for international exchange throughout the world, transmitting what is valuable and appealing in Japanese culture to other countries and promoting mutual empathy and understanding with other peoples around the globe.

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