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03 Mar 2012

National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

National Museum of Ethnology, Japan     National Museum of Ethnology, Japan Founded in 1974, the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka (also known as Minpaku) is an Inter-University Research Institute, housing a research center and a museum. In April 2004, it became a member of the National Institutes for Humanities (NIHU). Since then, Minpaku has been promoting its own research as well as carrying out joint research with other members of the NIHU, addressing the study of human cultures.
Minpaku's motto, “To the Ends of the Earth, To the Depths of Knowledge”.
Minpaku conducts anthropological and ethnological research and aims to promote a general understanding and awareness of peoples, societies and cultures around the world through the collection and conservation of ethnographic materials and through public exhibitions.


Research achievements based on the ethnographical collection and information including 280,000 artefacts, 70,000 audio-visual materials and over 600,000 books, are presented through exhibitions and a variety of media to the public.