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12 Jun 2011

National Film Development Corporation Ltd

National Film Development Corporation Ltd., (NFDC), a Government of India Enterprise, was established in 1975 with a view to promoting and organizing an integrated development of the Indian Film Industry and to foster excellence in cinema. Over the years, NFDC has provided a wide range of services essential for the growth of Indian Cinema within the country and abroad. Given our above-stated objective, NFDC participates regularly in all major film markets across the world with a view to not only promoting its own films, but also facilitating the expansion of global markets for Indian Cinema as a whole. With our experience of over 30 years in overseas exploitation of Indian films, we offer all producers of Indian films a ready-made platform to promote the same globally. Within its objective of promoting good cinema, NFDC will henceforth undertake to promote and market Indian films for exhibition in all/any media formats in various languages. The Corporation would charge commission in accordance with normal trade practice. NFDC will also be offering subtitling facilities at discounted rates on films for which NFDC is the marketing agent.

Technical Services
NFDC provides essential pre-production and post-production technical infrastructure support to the film industry, keeping pace with technological developments.

*      Equipment hire including video, 16mm and 35mm cameras, etc.
*      Telecine
*      Video duplication
*      Editing and nonlinear editing
*      Beta AD rolls

NFDC's Film Centre in Calcutta provides production and post- production infrastructure consisting of 16mm camera, tape recorders for synchronous shooting, editing tables, re-recording equipments etc. at reasonable rates. The Film Centre is equipped with the latest type of electronic microprocessor controlled projector for the 16mm as well as 35mm format.

The Video Centre in Chennai (Madras) provides facilities for preparation of U-matic Masters from 16mm and 35mm films and also duplication of cassettes.

Laser Film Subtitling & Video Subtitling: The subtitling center in Mumbai offers high quality laser subtitling facilities in 35mm/16mm in different Indian and Foreign languages with one Helvetica font forLatin characters. Arabic language subtitling is offered both on film/video at very competitive rates. High quality electronic subtitling on video cassettes is available in both Beta and High Band format which can be utilized for better readability for Exporters and Television Programme exchanges.

Computerized spotting and simulation is undertaken at very reasonable rates.


Mr. Sunit Tandon
General Manager,
4th Floor, Soochna Bhavan, Phase – 1, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003
Tel: + 91 11 2436 9462 / 63
Fax: + 91 11 2436 8011

Mr. S. Halder
Regional Manager,
Shanti Niketan, Cama Street, Kolkata – 700 017
Tel:  + 91 33 2282 9080
Fax: + 91 33 2282 3963

Mr. Ramakrishnan
Regional Manager,
Bhavani Mansion No. 3, 4th Street, Numgamhakkam High Road, Chennai – 600 034
Tel: + 91 44  2833 2404 / 2833 2405
Fax: + 91  44  2833 2408
Email :


Mr. Shankaralingam
Branch Officer,
C/o. Kerala State Film Development Corporation Ltd
Chalachitra Kalabhavan, Thiruvananthapuram  -  695 014
Tel:  +  91 471 232 3854

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