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15 May 2011

National Film Center Of Latvia

Latvian National Cinematography Centre is a state civil-institution subordinate to the Ministry of Culture implementing state cultural policy of the film industry within the framework of its competence.

Main tasks:

To develop, implement and coordinate unified state’s internal and external
audio- visual policy and strategy;

To ensure continuity of culture process and maintenance of a culture identity in the film industry.

Centre performs following functions:

elaborates conceptual documents required for the development of the industry, prepares draft legislation, elaborates proposals for allocation of state budgetary funds and investments to the film industry;

provides appropriate allocation of state budgetary funds granted to the film industry and control on application;

supports production and distribution of artistically valuable national and co-production films;

promotes collaboration of film industry in the support programs for European audio-visual industry, promotes participation of Latvian movies in international events;

monitors and controls provision of legal procedure of movie distribution and demonstration in the country, registers movie producers, distributors, distribution sites and movies foreseen for use in the territory of Latvia;

manages use of state property shares belonging to film industry;

deals with films which are state property;

performs expertise for movies taken out of circulation by the functionaries of law enforcement institutions and in case of dispute identifies distribution rights;

forms database of the industry, gathers and analyzes information on movie production, distribution and public demonstration, spreads information on Latvian film art.