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04 Mar 2011

Hong Kong Film Services Office

The Film Services Office (FSO) was in April 1998 under the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority to implement the policy initiatives announced by the Chief Executive in his 1997 Policy Address to promote the Hong Kong film industry. This not only marks a new milestone in the development of the film industry but also demonstrates the Government's concern about its long term development. The FSO has helped the film industry to overcome some of the fundamental difficulties in film productions, and will continue its best endeavours to promote the development of the film industry in the future.

To maintain Hong Kong's status as a major film producing centre, and enhance Hong Kong's position as a film trading and service hub in the Asia-Pacific Region.


To create and maintain an environment conducive to the long term and healthy development of the film industry. To facilitate film production in Hong Kong. To promote Hong Kong films locally and abroad.

- To facilitate film production and in particular location shooting in Hong Kong. Video Showcase

- To implement a regulatory framework governing the use of pyrotechnic substances and other dangerous goods for creating special effects in film and television programme productions and theatrical performances, including a licensing system for special effects operators.

- To maintain a resource centre which provides information and reference materials on film production services in Hong Kong.

- To provide support to the Hong Kong Film Development Council.

- To administer the Film Development Fund to provide funding support to projects conducive to the healthy and long term development of the local film industry.

- To administer the Film Guarantee Fund to facilitate the development of a film financing infrastructure in Hong Kong.

- To help the industry to organise film festivals and exhibitions in Hong Kong and abroad.

- To help the industry to publish trade promotion materials:
o "Guide to Filming in Hong Kong (2007/08 Edition)"
o "Locations - Venues under the Management of Government Departments and Public Bodies"
o "Filming in Hong Kong - Film and Video Production Directory"
o "Hong Kong on Location".

- To help promote the long term development of the film industry.