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16 May 2011

National Federation of Theatre and Dance Business Associations

FAETEDA was founded in 1996 with the aim of structuring the sector and becoming an essential interlocutor with public administrations, at the state and European level. It is currently integrated by 19 associations representing more than 500 theatre and dance companies/producers and private venues from all over Spain.

Since it was founded, it has carried out a very important work in favour of the performing arts. It has developed a number of studies, workshops, seminars, forums and debates on topics of interest to the sector. It has also launched its own projects. In addition, it has contributed to the promotion of initiatives, such as the General Theater Plan, the creation of the Academy of Performing Arts and the Iberescena programme, or the reduction of VAT on tickets for cultural shows from 21% to 10%. Furthermore, through 2020, during the health crisis generated by COVID-19, FAETEDA led the fight for better conditions within the cultural sector and, particularly for the performing arts. 

FAETEDA plays an important role in the cultural policies implemented by the Spanish State, due to its membership of the Executive Committee of the State Council for the Performing Arts and Music and the Mixed Monitoring Commission of the PLATEA Programme. It also has a significant international presence: since its inception, it has been part of Pearle* – Live Performance Europe, the European Federation of Live Arts, an association that represents more than 10,000 European cultural organisations.