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16 May 2011

National Federation of Theatre and Dance Business Associations (FAETEDA)

The State Federation of Associations of Theatre and Dance (FAETEDA) was founded on November 29, 1996 with the aim of promoting industrialization, modernization, strengthening and structuring of the theater sector in Spain. FAETEDA currently consists of 14 associations representing nearly 400 companies and producing theater and dance companies across the country. FAETEDA acts by promoting the relationship and the transfer of information between different associations, causing a necessary synergy between professionals of different communities and becoming the sole interlocutor with the bodies state range, both administrative and professional.

As representative of the entire private sector scenic Spain, FAETEDA open to ongoing dialogue with the Ministry of Culture, the National Network of theaters and auditoriums, with agents of public theater, with the different structures of the performing arts in the area national and international levels and with all organizations and groups (actors, writers, directors ...) working in the theater sector. FAETEDA is a member of PEARLE (Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe).