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25 Nov 2018

Music Information Center

Muzički informativni centar – Music Information Center (MIC) was established in Zagreb in 1971 by a group of composers and culture workers. MIC is a non-profit organisation that works on documenting and promoting Croatian music within the country and globally. 

The main activities of the MIC include: 

  • Printing and distributing sheet music written by Croatian composers, publishing books on Croatian music and musicians, releasing albums recorded by Croatian performing musicians and albums containing Croatian music
  • Designing promotional material for Croatian musicians
  • Organising promotional activities for Croatian musicians (exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and more)
  • Maintaining internet presence of Croatian musicians and events
  • Actively searching for new ways to promote Croatian music
  • Systematising a collection of unpublished sheets of contemporary Croatian music
  • Safeguarding Croatian musical heritage by searching for “lost” autographs containing Croatian composition and mediating in the archiving process of the documents in appropriate locations