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10 Apr 2023

Asia-Europe Cultural Festival Podcast Series: #2 Vignesh Melwani

Asia-Europe Cultural Festival Podcast Series Cover Photo

The Asia-Europe Cultural Festival is a public arts festival organised by ASEF since 2018 to celebrate the artistic diversity of Asia and Europe and to promote dialogue and exchange amongst artists from the two regions. In 2023, the Asia-Europe Cultural Festival will present along with the events showcase, a series of podcasts and lectures with organisers, partners, and participants of past editions.

1. A photo taken of Vignesh Melwani (right) with his collaborator Carla Gonzáles Ferrer (left) playing on stage. © Ray Molinari.

In our second episode of the podcast, we speak with musician Vignesh Melwani, about his experience being a child of Indian heritage but growing up in Barcelona, Spain and how his music-making reflects this blend of multi-cultural upbringing. 

2. Improvisuals album art. Photo by Maria Alzamora. 

Listen to the episode on Spotify here:

Episode show notes:
1. 'Pa dha ni dha ga pa' by Vignesh Melwani featuring Carla Gonzáles Ferrer was featured in this podcast. 
2. Spotify link to Vignesh's album, Improvisuals.
3. Podcast opening and closing audio credits licensed under Creative Commons via Free Music Archive: Podington Bear - Melow Rays
4. Podcast episode transcript: