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06 Aug 2014

Museum Siam, Thailand

Museum Siam 1 Museum Siam 2 Museum Siam is a ”discovery museum” for young people, families, and foreign visitors.The Museum was founded in 2007 by the Government of Thailand to be a new learning centre with ”เพลิน (PLEARN)” or ”Play and Learn” philosophy. Up to now, the centre's main exhibition is all about the social history of Thailand. The Museum has also presented a series of temporary exhibitions, ranging from ”Beads of Southeast Asia,” ”The Portugese: At World’s End,” to the recent ”The Body Project: Rethinking the Concepts of Beauty”. It has also created a large museum network in Thailand to help each other in many aspects. Whereas Museum Siam does not have treasure collections, it can draw many visitors, participants and volunteers through all kinds of knowledge-based activities and museum networks. It hosts between 1,000 and 2,000 visitors per day. The Museum's popularity is also shown by the high number of followers on its Facebook page, which ranks highest among all public education services in Thailand. The Museum also has two mobile museums which travel around the country. It has also been able to raise support and cooperation from many organisations and the business sector, which allow it to develop its projects and exhibitions.

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