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03 Jul 2011

Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF)

MWNF (initially under a different name) was founded in 1995 on the initiative of Eva Schubert as an independent non-profit organisation, within the context of the establishment of a formal partnership between the European Union and the Mediterranean countries of North Africa and the Middle East (the so-called Barcelona Process). In 1996 the name was changed to Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF), and the English version is also the organisation’s official trade name. The registered office is in Vienna but a small multilingual and highly flexible MWNF team operates from around the globe.

For its activities MWNF can count on the constant support of the members of its Board and Honorary Committee and on an extremely committed network of Partners, Friends and Supporters. Between 1994 and 2007 European Union funding enabled MWNF to set up its web-based platform and to consolidate its international network. Today, it generates income through the marketing of its products and know-how. Its projects are funded by private donations, sponsorship and self-financing by the partners involved and for specific activities MWNF applies for subsidies from national or international organisations.

Building bridges through knowledge and understanding
Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF) has 20 years of experience in “rewriting history” beyond narrow nationalist agendas and promoting a new, inclusive vision of history that highlights and celebrates the interconnections, cross-fertilisations, exchanges and cooperation between cultures in areas as diverse as archaeology, art and culture, economy and social life. Against the backdrop of contemporary global challenges and conflicts, MWNF projects demonstrate the far-reaching potential of cultural heritage in building intercultural bridges in the name of peace.

The MWNF programme
MWNF is a collaborative programme involving public and private partners from all over the world. It is built around two main activities: the MWNF Virtual Museum – so far including three thematic sections: Discover Islamic Art, Discover Baroque Art and Sharing History – and the MWNF Exhibition Trails and related books and travel programme.

The MWNF programme is based on a precise methodology facilitating interaction between the partners who contribute to a transnational presentation of history, art and culture, based on equal voices and the equal visibility of all concerned.

Cooperation with the Arab world
Contributing to better knowledge of Arab countries and cooperating with Arab partners on educational and cultural tourism projects has been an MWNF priority since its foundation. Since 2010 MWNF has had a partnership with the League of Arab States to promote awareness of the Arab world’s history and cultural legacy through joint projects.

MWNF Activities and Projects
MWNF Virtual Museum
Sharing History (22 participating countries, 2,490 database entries)
Discover Baroque Art (8 participating countries, 586 database entries)
Discover Islamic Art (14 participating countries, 1,135 database entries)
Explore Islamic Art Collections (Discover Islamic Art follow-up project with 8 additional countries, 400 additional database entries)

MWNF Exhibition Trails
MWNF Books
MWNF Travel