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15 May 2018

Museu do Oriente

Opened in 2008 in a unique building on Lisbon's riverside front, Museu do Oriente emerges as a multicultural museum devoted to preserving, in all its aspects, the material and intangible heritage of several Asian countries through the testimonies of its two collections: Portuguese Presence in Asia and Kwok On. 

The Portuguese presence in Eastern territories (India, Sri Lanka, China, Macao, Japan and East Timor) resulted in, besides trade relations, cultural, life experience, scientific, technical and religious exchanges which made it possible to come into contact with worlds previously unknown. 

The cultural diversity on display shows a stimulating and enriching dialogue between the West and the East. 

Throughout the year, Museu do Oriente offers a complementary programme, welcoming artists, academics, curators, and projects dwelling on Asia, its multiple realities and identities, in a transversal way.