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05 Nov 2016

Museo ni Miguel Malvar, the Philippines

museu-ni-miguel-malvar-inside-small museu-ni-miguel-malvar-outside The Museo ni Miguel Malvar, in Batangas, showcases the life and times of Gen. Miguel Malvar, Philippine's last highest general to surrender and his legacy to the liberation of the Philippines against the United States. Malvar, a farmer and an industrious business man, was born on 27 September 1865 and later joined the Katipunan before the Philippine Revolution in 1896. When Pres. Aguinaldo was put into exile in Hong Kong, Malvar accompanied him. After months of being an exile, Aguinaldo went back to the country to continue the revolt against the Spanish authority. He entrusted the funds of the revolution into the hands of Malvar. Malvar then participated and led some of the victorious battles against the Spaniards in Batangas and Cavite. Aguinaldo’s Declaration of Independence on 12 June 1898 gave hope to many Filipinos, but was quickly followed by a new conflict with the United States. The young and brave Malvar led the battles of Quezon and eventually captured the provincial capital of Tayabas after Aguinaldo’s capture by the US. During the war he was appointed division general of the Southern Luzon forces and led his troops in several battles. Malvar was known as a kind person among his fellow countrymen, and close to the hearts of his fellow Batangeños. Because of the unremitting calling of the Asociación de la Paz in Manila to capitulate, Malvar gave up the fight and surrendered to the US. Malvar resumed his agricultural and commercial pursuits even though he was offered to be gobernadorcillo of the town of Sto. Tomas. He helped many people in Batangas, more than ever those who were underprivileged. He passed away on 13 October 1911, at the age of 46. Soaring above the Museo ni Miguel Malvar in Santo Tomas, Batangas, is the 60-foot pylon and bronze statue of the noble general by national artist Napoleon Abueva – a tribute to Malvar’s audacious resistance against foreign rule and perseverance to attain Filipino freedom. Time-honoured near the municipality of Sto. Tomas, the land where the museum is presently situated was donated by the descendants of Gen. Malvar together with the priceless donation of his brother Dr. Potenciano Malvar’s collection of Gen. Malvar’s original memorabilia to commemorate the involvement of their great grandfather to the liberation of the Philippines. Permanent Collections: archival photos, documents and original memoriabilia of the late General Miguel Malvar, as well as busts and sculptures made in his honour.

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