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21 Mar 2011

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Subordinated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Danish Foreign Service is a globally operating organisation. It works for Denmark’s interests and values in relation to the surrounding world in a manner that furthers the freedom, security and welfare of Danes in a more peaceful and just world, with development and economic growth for all.

The Danish Foreign Service comprises the Ministry in Copenhagen and a global network abroad of Embassies, Consulates-General and Trade Commissions.

The network of diplomatic missions abroad is the hallmark of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also provides the basis for enabling the Ministry to safeguard and promote Denmark’s international interests in the most optimal way.

The Danish Foreign Service in Denmark

In Denmark the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organised according to the following main areas of activity:

  • Foreign and Security Policy

  • European Policy and EU Coordination

  • Development Policy

  • Global Cooperation

  • Export and Investment Promotion

  • Trade Policy

In addition there are departments handling Consular Services, i.e. provision of assistance to Danes in distress abroad, Public Diplomacy and Communication, Protocol and Resources (Personnel Policy, Finance, IT, Security etc.).

The Danish Foreign Service abroad

Denmark has 78 Embassies. An Embassy handles all aspects of Denmark’s ties with the host country and many Embassies cover several countries. The number and location of Embassies is reviewed and prioritised on an ongoing basis according to Denmark’s foreign policy interests.

Denmark has Ambassadors in virtually every European country, in most large countries outside Europe, and in all developing countries where we are partners in the country’s development.

Denmark has 7 diplomatic missions at international organisations, for example at the EU in Brussels, at the UN in New York and Geneva, at NATO in Brussels, and at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Denmark has 28 Consulates-General and Trade Commissions. These provide first and foremost commercial services and are located in areas where Denmark has significant commercial interests. We have, for example, Consulates-General in New York and Shanghai, and Trade Commissions in Bangalore and Melbourne.

Denmark also has approx. 430 Honorary, i.e. unpaid, Consuls, who are most often local lawyers or business executives with an attachment to Denmark. They help in particular Danes in distress. The Honorary Consulates are typically located in ports and tourist areas.