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03 Aug 2011

Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research (Luxembourg)

In the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research is implementing the cultural policy, culture being understood as a vast factor shaping all societies, integrating at the same time the arts, literature, customs and habits, fundamental human rights, creativity and acceptance of the other.

More than 33% of those who live in Luxembourg are not "nationals". Therefore, the Ministry of Culture is conscious that culture needs to appeal to the country's many component communities.

The main objective in the Ministry's strategy is the creation of an appropriate legislative and structural framework for the development of the arts, including international and public arts and the enhancement of the national cultural infrastructure. To achieve these goals, the Ministry of Culture works in close cooperation with all public and private cultural sectors.  More concretely, the Government has implemented a law on the statute of the independent professional artist and the entertainment intermittent, as well as on the promotion of artistic creation.

The Ministry disposes of financial means to grant subsidies for artistic creation and projects, thanks to a special budgetary article valorising cultural creation and it financially assists some 50 non profit organisations and associations working in the field of culture through special types of conventions.

In Luxembourg, the cultural functions are not divided specifically between different local or regional entities and most cultural competence is thus assigned to the Ministry of Culture. As a consequence the principal cultural institutions, such as the National Archives, the National Library, the main musea, the National Audio-visual Centre, the National Sites and Monuments Service, the National Centre of Literature, the Neumünster Abbey Cultural Centre and are operating as institutes under the indirect hierarchical administration of the Ministry of Culture.

Finally, the Ministry is responsible for regional cultural initiatives (three regional cultural animation centres), for EU policy affairs, bilateral and multilateral cultural foreign affairs (Council of Europe, UNESCO, etc.). In close collaboration with the Cultural Direction of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture may sign international and multilateral agreements on cooperation on cultural affairs, amongst others. Special cultural cooperation on particular projects may occur between the Ministry and the different embassies representing the Grand-Duchy all over the world, as well as between the Ministry and the foreign embassies accredited in Luxembourg.