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03 Sep 2010

Ministry of Culture of Denmark

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for initiatives involving support to creative arts, cultural heritage, archives, libraries, museums and higher education in the areas of art, music, film, theatre and dancing. The ministry is also responsible for copyright, broadcasting, sport and international cultural cooperation.

The Ministry of Culture is comprised of a central division, the Agency for Culture and Palaces and a number of cultural institutions.

Denmark's international cultural exchange and cooperation are handled by The Agency for Culture and Palaces (formerly The Danish Arts Agency). Denmark’s international cultural exchange activities cover all of the arts and the cultural heritage sector. Artistic quality, originality and relevance are the main criteria for all projects and applications for funding which Denmark chooses to support, whether nationally or internationally.

The Ministry of Culture of Denmark is responsible for a number of policy areas: creative arts, music, theatre, film, libraries, archives, museums, protection and preservation of buildings and monuments, archeology and higher education and training in the areas of art and culture.

The homepage of the Ministry of Culture gives an overview of its activities and policies. It contains important pieces of legislation translated into English, in the fields of public lending, sports, media, film, copyright, archives, museums and cultural heritage.