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06 Sep 2010

Ministry of Culture and Communication of France

The mission of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication is to make accessible to as many people as possible the major works of humanity, and first of all, of France. In this capacity, the Ministry develops cultural policy directed at the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage in all its aspects, and supports the creation of works of art, and the development of artistic practices.

It contributes, together with other ministries, to arts and cultural education of children and young adults throughout their training cycles. It encourages local cultural initiatives, developing links between cultural policies of the state and local governments, bearing in mind the principles of subsidiarity and decentralisation.

It oversees the activity of cultural industries. It contributes to the development of new broadcasting technologies and the creation of cultural heritage. It is concerned with cultural diplomacy and it contributes to the cultural activity outside of France and actions of the French cultural institutions abroad.