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04 Jun 2011

Ministerio de Cultura

The Ministry of Culture oversees the Film and Audio-visual Arts Institute (ICAA) which is an autonomous body that plans support policies for the film industry and audio-visual production. The ICAA is chaired by the Minister of Culture.There are four offices that come under the General Department; General Secretariat, Office of Support to the Film and Audio-visual Industry, Office of International Promotion and Relations, Spanish Film Library.

List of grants available:

  • Grants for the development of feature film scripts.

  • Grants for reducing the interest on two kinds of bank loans:

    • For cinematic exhibition and for purchasing and improving film production equipment.

    • For financing production.

  • Grants for the production of feature films.

  • Grants for paying off two kinds of feature film production costs:

    • General.

    • Additional.

  • Grants for the conservation of negatives and original media.

  • Grants for the distribution of regional cinematic films.

  • Grants for the participation and promotion of Spanish films at international festivals.

  • Grants for financing short films, in two forms:

    • Short film projects.

    • Short films already produced.