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14 Mar 2012

Maritime Museum, Macau, China

Maritime Museum, Macau    Maritime Museum, Macau The Maritime Museum officially opened to the public in 1987. At the time it was housed in a green two-storey building next to the Temple of A-Ma. The number of visitors and the amount of objects on display both continued to rise dramatically, making a larger space necessary. A spacious new exhibition hall was officially opened in June 1990. It was located near the site of the original museum, which was converted into administrative and technical offices. When viewed from a distance, the exterior of the museum’s uniquely designed exhibition hall looks like a boat. The exhibitions in the three-storey structure focus on the maritime activities of Macau, China, and Portugal. Collections are divided into themes reflecting the evolution of Macau. The seafaring accomplishments of both China and Portugal and the importance of their contributions to humanity are also presented in an organized manner. An aquarium and an outdoor café are located outside the exhibition hall.
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Collection size: More than 1,000 pieces Collection: Archaeological artifacts, paintings, sculptures, ship models.

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