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25 Aug 2017

Mapping the Cultural and Creative Industries in Greece


The mapping of the Cultural and Creative industry in Greece has been a top priority for the Ministry of Culture and Sports. An Executive Summary of the research conducted in 2016 is published in English.

The study was conducted from September to December 2016. It benefited from the co-operation of all the relevant Services and Supervised Entities of the Ministry of Culture & Sports. It followed official Eurostat definitions of the sectors studied and contains both national and regional statistics. The study aims at demonstrating the growth potential of Culture and Creativity for Greece but also at developing evidence based policies, which will support these sectors with targeted actions. This briefing paper provides a concise presentation of the main results of the study. Its target groups are policy-makers of the Ministry of Culture and Sports or other relevant bodies, but also cultural organizations, culture professionals, researchers and any other interested party.

The overall outlook of the cultural and creative industries in Greece shows that despite the enormous downfall they have experienced since 2008, in 2014 they record signs of recovery for the first time after six years. It should be noted that the adverse change (2008-2014) in most figures was much more intense than the recession in the Greek economy as a whole. That is to say, CCIs were affected by the recession more intensely than the Greek economy.

The lack of a suitable tool to date, which would support strategy and decision-making aimed at planning support actions for the professionals of the Contemporary Culture and Creative Economy, has led to the need of recording their growth dimension, in accordance with international practices. Until recently, the extremely limited relevant data appeared in fragmentary contributions and only in specific studies.

Executive Summary of the study Mapping the Cultural and Creative Industries in Greece - in English language