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15 May 2011

Greek Film Centre

The Greek Film Centre is a corporation that belongs to the broader public sector. It is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and subsidized by the state. Its infrastructure, sphere of duty and operation are regulated chiefly by Law 1597/86 for the protection and development of the art of film and the support of Greek cinema and by Presidential Decree 113/98. The organization's goals are the protection, support and development of the art of film in Greece and the promotion, dissemination and promotion of Greek film productions both domestically and internationally.

To achieve its goals the Greek Film Centre is developing the following activities. It finances film productions and ensures advantageous conditions in which Greek filmmakers can finish their work. It promotes and supports film distribution both domestically and internationally in commercial and parallel circuits. It organizes retrospectives and film weeks abroad. It participates in festivals, organizes seminars aimed at providing professional training. Announces and awards scholarships for studies in Greece and abroad and it conducts studies and research as well as issues publications on the history and problems of Greek cinema.