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21 Nov 2018

Lauba - House for People and Art

Lauba – Kuća za ljude i umjetnost / Lauba - House for People and Art is a non-profit organisation that includes both business and art exhibition activities, offering the general public an encounter with contemporary visual art. Through creative and interesting exhibition concepts – mostly focused on presenting works of the younger and middle generation artists – and additional programs, Lauba aims to present and discover new forms of artistic expression by Croatian visual artists, raise public awareness of Croatian Modern and Contemporary art, and participate in international cultural trends. In addition to organising various exhibitions, Lauba serves as a venue for different art related events such as Zgraf, an international festival of graphic design and visual communications, or Zagreb Design Week, Croatia’s largest annual event dedicated to design. 

Lauba also encourages cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and exhibitions with similar institutions, in order to monitor and support the current art production in Croatia and help it join the international trends. 

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